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to understand ones dreams as well as healing with them.  The telling is also about acquiring wisdom from the master healers, who are The Keepers of Dreaming in the book.​

These Keepers encompass the wisdom of The Trump Seers, The Animal Seers and the Tree Seers.  Written in a charming story-telling fashion, the reader is lead by the ‘Dreamer Apprentice’ as the protagonist journeying through the lessons.  This approach of Trumps of Tarot Seers, Animal Seers and Tree Seers of Celtic Ogham, has not been done before within one book.  This is a exciting work comprised of dreaming and seeing with ones intuition which then provides the reader, now a Dreamer with healing tools to be obtained from their own dreams.  The journeys along the way entertain as well as enlighten.

​     The ‘Moon Seer’ from The Trumps of Tarot offers this in ‘The Dreaming-An Overview’.  

“Shall we begin?”  Says; the Moon Seer. 

     “We will all go on a Dream journey. This will help those of you new to the work to begin to get in touch with your own personal ‘Soul Contract’, the one you came into the world with, the contract of your own life mission.  Do you know it?  The Dreaming work you do here will help each of you to know your skills.  Your intention for this Journey of Dreaming is to find your ‘Soul Contract’, view this, ask questions of this and bring back gifts from the dreaming for yourself to use in this waking reality.  You will travel far Dreamer, back into your own timeline.  Make yourself ready, I know just the dream; ‘My Soul Arrives in a Birch Bark Canoe’!”


     The color illustrations are a compliment divination card deck.  Section Four provides the ‘Dreamy Divinations’ with suggestions for the card deck's use with the book.  There is one illustrated card for each of the Trump Seers, Animal Seers and Tree Seers.  The sixty four Keepers-Seers are the central dreaming characters, story-telling their knowledge through dream journeys.  The reader-dreamer learns dream healing techniques and journey workings as they read and relate to the story telling from the Keepers.


     This book is for all those who Dream, love learning and magic and are looking for ways to discover a deeper life from their inner selves.  The stories of the Keepers in the book, trigger wanting to know more.  The brilliance of this book is the dream healing that crosses over to the reader, who gains knowledge about how to work with their personal dreams and accomplish their dreams and soul path in this life time.  The Dream Keepers provide a flow that is entertaining as well as furnishing ancient teachings to the reader; who is now the Dreamer.  This work has been done with Dreamers, Writers, Artists and creative love!

​​       is a work composed of dreams, how


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