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Dreamy Divinations

Using the card deck of “Journey of an Apprentice Dreamer”

Working With The Keeper Images In The Book

(1) Cleanse your space. Call in your guardians; angel, animal or other.
(2) Shuffle the deck. Make three different stacks or fan out the cards to choose from.
(3) Decide on a clear intention for your divination card selection. Ask that question.

Write this in your journal with the date.

For instance: You may want general guidance; so say: ‘Please give me guidance for this month’.

Or specific guidance; ask: 'Please give me guidance on how to focus my new job’.

(4) The following questions may be added to your own personal intentions:
What part of the grove in the book can I find sacredness now?
What has been reflected in the mirror from this Seer?
What dream mask do I recognize in the mirror for myself?
(5) If you receive a message that feels not right, pick another card until you feel comfortable.


This is your Dream Healing, you are in charge here. Do not forget this!



Suggestions for Card Spreads

The Three Fates Spread: select one image-card from each of the Three Seers (Trump, Animal or Tree)
A Trump Seers Spread: select three to five image-cards from the Trump Seers.
An Animal Seers Spread: select three to five image-cards from the Animal Seers.
A Tree Seers Spread: select three to five image-cards from the Tree Seers.
Council of the Seers Spread: select two image-cards from each of the Trump Seers, Animal Seers, and Tree Seers.



Selections of the “Seer Images” can be done by randomly selecting from the entire deck of cards.
Or: Separate the cards into three decks. The Trump Seers, The Animal Seers and The Tree Seers.
Shuffle each deck and work from these.



~Good Earthdreams ~



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